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Last Updated 02/04/2017

Chassis Project

The Rogue Valley A's have taken on a project to restore a Model A Chassis in order to bring it to the Jackson County Expo in April 2017 for the Custom Car Show. We will then take it apart and build it up again during the show.

Workshops to get the project going are held at Joe Davis' shop, Aries Muffler, 16 W. Jackson Street in Medford. We get together a couple of Saturdays each month to work on the project. Volunteers are welcome to come and join in. You'll help us and probably learn a thing or two. Plus, it's just fun to play with big boy toys.

Upcoming Dates to work on the restoration project:

· February 4, 11, and 25th

Time: 10:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m.

Progress Photos - click on a photo to zoom in


January 14, 2017 [Image]

Joe and Jim Martin II installed new bearings and seals in the Project Chassis rear end. It's almost ready to be installed under the car.

Progress is going strong. Next work day is Saturday January 28.


January 1, 2017 - Report from Jerry Mathern

Here is an update on the project. The frame and some parts have been painted. The front spring has been taken apart and cleaned and coated with a paint Joe gave us.

The backing plates were too clean and will have to be coated with Rustoleum paint.
Next work day is Jan 7th 10:00 AM. Members welcome to join us or just watch!


October 30 2016

The old chassis has been disassembled. The frame has been straightened. Front and rear ends have been disassembled and will be rebuilt

with new bushings and bearings and repaired as needed.




October 2016 - Chassis delivered to Joe Davis' shop and disassembly begins. Reid Williams delivers his 1928-29 Chassis (purchased from George Rambo) to Aries Muffler. Jerry Mathern, Jim Martin II, Rick Black,Reid Williams and Joe Davis unload the chassis, wheel it into the shop, and begin to disassemble it down to the last nut and bolt.


photo October 2016 - As you can imagine, an unrestored chassis that's been sitting for years is a bit stubborn about coming apart. Here are Jerry and Jim trying to get the rear spring out of the back of the frame. It took lots of tools and a generous amount of WD-40 and rust penetration fluids to get the bolts loose.

October 2016 - At the close of our first work party, the chassis was stripped down to the bare frame. All of the components were piled up beside the frame.

We left tired, dirty, but happy with our progress. All Rogue Valley A members are welcome to come down to Joe's shop on workday Saturdays to join in the fun.


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